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I am a photographer specializing in images of the historical moments in Louisiana.  My work is well known in New Orleans, Louisiana, and might be viewed at local exhibitions. The photographs are able to be viewed on the Photographs page.  

On this website you can view my wide portfolio of images of New Orleans, Louisiana, learn a little about the history of the Vieux Carre' and what makes New Orleans so special. read more about Vieux Carre'  

About me

I was born and raised near the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana, which I have grown to appreciate more over the past several years.  I have always enjoyed taking a peek into the past by looking at photographs.  It is fascinating to see how everything has changed since my ancestors walked the streets of this beloved city.  I feel a calling to document the great beauty, historic landmarks, and unique personality of the New Orleans area so that future generations can enjoy the way things were when they take a peek into the past. read more about me



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Featured Photographic Work

Mourning Light Still Standing
Ruined Hidden Message

These are a sample of the pictures that were in the Hurricane Katrina Exposed exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA). view more Hurricane Katrina pictures>